Taxes included prices - Quality Products - timely delivery
Taxes included prices - Quality Products - timely delivery

Our Story

Emma & Charles was born in 2018, and founded by Julien Heon. A business professional dad, who at the time was father of 1 year old Emma. 

After over a year of chasing the best product for his own daughter, from parents-must-haves, to amazing classic fashion pieces, he decided to put his new-dad, fashion savvy entrepreneur mindset to work and offer a solution to parents chasing the perfect items, just like him. 

Julien would travel across Europe and North America, always seeking unique pieces for Emma rushing in between meetings to find boutiques that would offer great findings.

Charles is the name Emma would have been given if she had been a boy, inspired by Julien's grand-father, who was a successful entrepreneur, unique dad, grand-father and great-grand father, and inspiring human being. 

Every single product and collection has been inspired by Julien's own personal parenting experiences. These experiences have really made a difference as we can witness with thousand of orders already.

We know what it’s like being a parent and every decision we make for this store is to make your life as a parent easier.

Emma & Charles strives to offer high quality, Montreal-designed, must haves for parents and young children.